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Telaga Warna (Colorful Lake)

Long time ago, there was the king of a famous kingdom in Cipanas, West Java, is a very wise man. He has a beautiful daughter. 
He and his wife love her very much.

But all their love is not enough for the princess. Even though they give her everything, she is not happy. All the jewelries that they have are not enough for her. She is not satisfied with her gorgeous look either.

The princess then has an idea. She plans to put all the jewelries that they have in every single hair in her head. She wants to be the most beautiful girl in the world.
So the princess goes to see her mother and father and tell them about her plan. She is very sure they will not say no.

The king is surprised to hear about his daughter plan. He tries to convince her that her plan is not proper.
"My Daughter, the beauty of a princess is not measured by her clothes or by the jewelry she is wearing, but by her attitude. It's not that we don't love you, but what will people think if you go through with your plan?" says the king.

The princess is shocked to hear that. So she runs to her room to get her jewelry box. Then she returns to her parents.

She screams: "You are so miserly. Here, I am returning the every single jewelry you ever gave me." She throws her jewelry box to her father.

The wise king is outraged seeing his daughter did.
" You are the ungrateful daughter"
Suddenly, the floor at the palace erupts and water pours out from the crack. In a matter of the second palace is flooded, drowning the ungrateful princess and her jewelry. 

The palace then replaces by a lake and always reflects multiple colors. The lake is known as Telaga Warna that means Colorful Lake.  


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