Roro Jonggrang | Cerita Legenda Indonesia

Roro Jonggrang | Cerita Legenda Indonesia
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Prambanan. All the people of prambanan lived peacefully. But then, Prambanan kingdom was attacked and occupied by the Pengging kingdom. Prambanan then was ruled by Bandung Bondowoso of Pengging kingdom. He was a mean king and also had great supernatural power. His soldiers were not only humans, but also genies.
The king of Prambanan had a beautiful daughter named Roro Jonggrang. Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. Roro Jonggrang was shoked after heard that. She didn't like Bandung Bondowoso because he was a mean person. She wanted to refuse, but she afraid that Bandung Bondowoso would be angry and endangered the people of Prambanan.
Then, she came up with a plan. "If you want to marry me, you have to build a thousand temples for me in just one night," said Roro Jonggrang. "What?? That's imposible!!" said Bandung Bondowoso. But, he didn't give up. He consulted with his advisor, "Your Majesty can asked the genies to help built the temples," said the advisor.

So, Bandung Bondowoso summoned his entire genies soldier and commanded them to help him a thousand temples. The genies worked in unbelievable speed. Meanwhile, Roro Jonggrang heard from the servant that the building of a thousand temples was almost finished. She was so worried. But again, she came up with a great idea. She asked all of her servants to help her. "Please prepare a lot of straw and mortar. Please hurry up!!" said Roro Jonggrang. "Burn the straw and make some noise pounding the mortar, quickly." All those servants did what Roro Jonggrang ordered them; making the genies think that the sun is going to rise.

"It's already dawn. We have to go," said the leader of the genies to Bandung Bondowoso. All the genies immediately stopped their work and run for cover from the sun, which they afraid of. They didn't know that the light was from the fire that burning the straw, not from the sun.

Bandung Bondowoso can't stop the genies from leaving. He was angry. He knew Roro Jonggrang had just tricked him. "You can't fool me, Loro Jonggrang. I already have 999 temples. I just need one more temple." He pointed his finger to Roro Jonggrang and said some mantras. Magically, Roro Jonggrang's body turned into stone. Until now, the tample still standing in Prambanan area, Central Java. It's called Roro Jonggrang temple.


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